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TRUCKMATE S8000 with Truck Satellite Navigation
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Snooper is continually bringing new and innovative products with there GPS navigation and sat nav systems into the UK/European market. Sat Nav systems and speed camera detector systems from Snooper our leading the way in design, style and technology. Snooper specialises in The very latest GPS Navigation products these include Satellite Navigation Systems for Car Or Truck, HGV & Motorhomes, Vehicle Speed limit & camera units and Personal GPS Tracking.

Snooper S8000 Pro Lite UK Snooper S8000 Pro Lite EU Ventura Pro S8000 Snooper Truckmate Pro Sound DB8500 UK Snooper Truckmate Pro Sound DB8500 EU
Snooper S5000 Pro UK Truckmate Snooper S5000 Pro UK/EU Truckmate Snooper S5000 Pro UK Snooper S5000 Pro UK/EU Snooper S5000 Pro Ventura
Snooper S5000 Pro Ventura Snooper S5000 Pro Ventura Snooper S7000 LR Plus Snooper 280 LRGB Snooper 3500 LRGB
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Snooper 3ZERO - GPS/Radar/Laser Camera Detector Snooper 3ZERO - GPS/Radar/Laser Camera Detector snooper laser pod Snooper My speed Aura Snooper Lynx GT
Snooper 3 Zero
Snooper SPT200 tracker Snooper  My Trak - Pet Tracker      
Snooper SPT200 Snooper Pet Tracker    

Snooper's 2012 - Range of HGV Navigation Systems, Motorhome Navigation Solutions

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Snoopers Memory Map Systems

Snooper Adventurer 7000LR Plus | Snooper A2800 LR Plus

Memory Map Adventurer 7000LR PLUS

Snooper Memory Map Adventurer 7000LR PLUS

Memory Map Adventurer 7000LR PLUS. The most advanced PND of it's kind developed specifically for the Outdoor GPS market with complete coverage of Great Britain using Ordnance Survey® Landranger® 1:50,000 scale maps plus Snooper's Ventura in-car sat nav with turn by turn navigation.

Memory-Map® Adventurer™ 2800LR PLUS

Introducing the finest GPS in it's class - Snooper 2800LR Plus

The Memory-Map® Adventurer™ 2800LR PLUS consistently outperforms its rivals making it the only real
choice for anyone wanting a GPS device to display real time positioning on detailed full colour topographic maps.

Snooper UK

Snooper Truckmate S8000 with Truck Satellite Navigation

TRUCKMATE is Snooper’s GPS truck tracking software for commercial vehicles compatible with the S2000. TRUCKMATE with S8000 Syrius satelllite navigation system allows the user to input the size and type of vehicle so that only a suitable route for that vehicle will be calculated.

TRUCKMATE takes into account low bridges, narrow and weight restricted roads plus many more hazards.New to the range is the S8000 and the S6400 Truckmate mate with all the award winning features for the S8000 but with a larger 7" screen and digital TV & more features

TRUCKMATE S8000 with Truck Satellite Navigation
snooper S5000 Truckmate Pro UK/EU
Snooper My speed Aura

Snooper Laser Pod

Add laser detection to almost any portable satellite navigation system!
Laser Pod is a completely unique device that has been designed to add laser detection to almost any portable satellite navigation system on the market and will detect most types of laser gun in use throughout Europe.

Snooper 3ZERO - GPS/RADAR/Laser

Snooper 3ZERO

GPS & Radar/Laser detector

Since 1979 Snooper have been at the forefront of speed trap detection and over the years we have produced many award winning systems. The new Snooper 3ZERO 30th Anniversary Edition combines all the knowledge and expertise we have gained over that time.

As with all Snooper GPS locators, the 3ZERO uses the most advanced GPS technology possible to accurately alert you to the presence of all 'fixed' speed traps such as Gatso and Truvelo cameras as well as SPECs average speed cameras often found at motorway roadworks. For the first time however, Snooper has combined GPS and radar/laser technology in one portable device. 

Why buy a Snooper Navigation System or Speed Camera Detector?

Snooper is Now the Number 1 supplier of speed camera detector systems and satellite navigation systems across the UK & Europe. Snooper pioneered the development of speed camera detector systems and has been a constant leader in GPS navigation technology and design for over 28 years.

Snooper offer the very best in satellite navigation systems with S6000 S7000, S2000 Proline, Snooper Truckmate, Snooper Ventura, Snooper AVN S7000 Truckmate, Snooper AVN 7000 Ventura, combining the latest sat nav street level mapping from Navteq with our award winning speed camera detector technology.

Snoopers innovative approach to GPS navigation systems such as the Snooper 3ZERO, Lynx, have allowed us to develop satellite navigation systems and GPRS systems that can navigate you to your nearest golf course and then help you navigate around the course with our Golf ShotSaver Software.

Snooper GPS Truck Tracking Software is the first dedicated routing system designed specifically for trucks and large commercial vehicles and our mobile phone satellite navigation software includes speed camera detector technology.

If your unsure which product to buy please call our dedicated sales Team on 01159 599 995 for expert advice